Grant Request

The Commission shall vote on the allocation of available funds at the October quarterly meeting of each year for the next year’s allocations beginning January 1. Please see the bylaws in full here, including Article VIII related to the allocation of funds.

To apply for funding from the A&P Commission, please complete the application form attached below and create a written request that includes the following items:

  • Background of your organization and include its purpose
  • A summary of the event or attraction and its target audience
  • An explanation of how the funding will directly promote tourism and economic development in Texarkana, Arkansas
  • If the event or attraction is not funded or partially funded, describe the impact this will have on the event or attraction
  • A financial statement as of the most recent fiscal year-end
  • A five-year history of the amounts and uses of funds received from the A&P Commission, including results and benefits
  • Status of any unspent A&P funds
  • Total budget of the organization for the period in which funds are to be used

Incomplete applications for funding will not be considered. Please submit all supporting documentation with this application.

The completed application along with 10 copies of the written request should be mailed to:

City of Texarkana Arkansas
Finance Director, TyRhonda Henderson
PO Box 2711
Texarkana, AR 75504

If the request is granted, whether in full or in part, the organization must provide a written summation of the event or attraction within 60 days of completion, which shall include an attendance and a financial report.

Download Application