5 Reasons to Visit Texarkana, Arkansas

Texarkana, Arkansas, is a community with a big heart and a lot of soul. And don’t just take our word for it - you can take the word of the locals and small business owners who see it everyday. Residents of Texarkana will be the first to tell you that their neighbors and friends never shy away from helping one another.

And that’s just one of many reasons Texarkana should be the next place on your Arkansas bucket list to visit! Here are five reasons to stop by and see the Side of Goodness Texarkana, AR, has to offer.

1. The food.

Texarkana, Arkansas, is known for a great supply of local restaurants with delicious fare. See why so many visitors choose to visit Texarkana for a meal. Whether you’re craving burgers, Italian, steak, seafood, Mexican or are just looking for a cool place to have a drink, you won’t be disappointed with the food scene in Texarkana.

2. The art.

Gallery 1894 opened earlier this year and has already created a buzz around its fun location and wonderful collection of art. People have raved about it and we believe it definitely deserves a visit from visitors near or far.

3. The fun.

Stop by the Holiday Entertainment Center (or as it’s known locally, Holiday Bowl) and you’ll find more than just bowling. Visitors can play at the arcade or the new laser tag area or rent a party room.

If you’re into the paranormal, get a good scare at the Haunted Texarkana Ghost Tours every Saturday at 9 pm. Or, when you’re facing the hot Arkansas heat during the summer, visit the Holiday Springs Water Park, where the whole family will have a blast. One thing is for certain: there’s no shortage of fun to be had in Texarkana.

4. The events.

Each fall, visitors and residents look forward to the Four States Fair and Rodeo, which attracts visitors from all over. From seasonal farmers markets to weekly karaoke and trivia at local restaurants, there are plenty of events you won’t want to miss during your visit.

5. The people.

Like we said, there’s just something special about the people and the community feeling you’ll find in Texarkana, Arkansas. As one local restaurateur put it, “Texarkana just has a big heart as a community. They have a giving, caring spirit, and they will get behind you and believe in you. For a large town, they have a very small-town community feel.”

Come see why so many people in the four-state area love visiting Texarkana, Arkansas. A large town with a small-town community feel, where you can find the best food, art, fun, events, and people.

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